Heroes: Hana: “Stay the Course”

15 08 2008

“Friends, allies, they’re getting close. Got to keep moving just a little bit faster. Unfortunately, having to lay a little low for a few days. This place is a kicked-over bees’ nest. At least it gives time to think. Not always pleasant, but necessary. Living in the midst of your enemy … sometimes you forget there’s something else. Dulls you. That’s when you go back to the source. Picture the faces. Work yourself back up. Crossed paths with S today. That’s all it took. Back in the groove! It eats you, too. Can’t be helped. We’re almost there.P.S.

Remember this email?

“Getting cautious”:
I’m not so sure that 9th wonders is the safest place for me to be posting anymore. I’m searching for a new outlet. I’ve posted a few more of Thompson’s voicemails so you’re all in the loop of everything that’s going on in and out of the Company. Check the thread: http://boards.9thwonders.com/index.php?showtopic=63845&st=150&gopid=688124&#entry688124

Stay tuned for an update. I’ve finally found a safer place to post Company secrets.”




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